Consistency through commitment


The THPL journey is a lifetime of action, activity, challenges, results, and failures.  It requires a mindset that is made of a true commitment to ourselves and our mission.  A very personal decision – one that each of us has to come to terms with (or not). And it is great to see that there are role models for driving success and consistency by making a commitment, on a daily basis, to excellence.  Katie Compton, cycling phenom, won the US national cyclocross championship this past week.  It was the 14th consecutive national title for Katie.  It is difficult to win this torturous race once but 14 consecutive years is just beyond what most of us would consider. But that is not how Katie thinks about it – she just puts in the effort to be the best – every year – injury, weather, competition – none of it got in the way. She just chooses to be the best she can be.  It is inspiring to see what is possible and it is fun to say “way to go” Katie – you are my idol! 

Loving life when others remind me that commitment to success is what matters