One more thing


The THPL journey has each of us quite busy every day.  It is the goodness of a focus on Life, Learning and Fitness and the goals that we set for ourselves. And yet there is always room for us to do more in our schedules.  So, how about we take a look at the list of things that we want to do and add just one more of them to our list of what we get done in a day (or a week).  It does not have to be a big commitment but rather just the proof to ourselves that we are capable of doing more – each day – than we previously thought possible.  The more we do this the more elastic the day becomes and the more that we get done.  It is a great technique to get us to be even more productive and leveraging our unrealized potential.  Goodness for all when this happens, that is for sure

Loving life when I do just one more thing