Today’s forecast


It is likely that when someone starts a sentence with “today’s forecast” that we immediately think of the weather.  Our ears perk up and we listen just a bit more closely.  It is good to know what the weather is going to be….right?  We might want to plan accordingly based on the weather forecast – seems like the logical thing to do.  And herein lies the conundrum.  The weather reports are as right as they are wrong.  Knowing this, we often add a bit of our own perspective on what the real risk is of “bad” weather – that is, weather that would truly affect our schedule or our planning.  And it is with this discerning thinking that we should approach most of what we do.  When we are on our journey we should listen to knowledgeable people, consider their perspective and suggestions and then take the next step and factor our experience and our situational awareness to figure out how we should go forward with our plans our actions and our life.  We will be better for it because just following what was stated is not really what living the high performance life is about.  Rather we are here to make our own informed and educated decisions about our journey and how WE want it to go – now this is getting interesting…..

Loving life when I consider and then decide