Seek to understand


The THPL journey, for the most part, is about executing the things that we know and have practiced quite a few times.  This makes much of what we do about our follow through.  And then there are the times that we take on something new or different, we go to a new place or we go about our normal tasks with a different twist.  We can brute force our way through these moments or we can seek to understand.  It is more advisable to bring a humble perspective to our newish situation and find ways to get more and relevant information that eases our introduction and next steps.  We can also seek out others who know what it is we are trying to do and to use them to provide us insights and ideas for how to succeed.  The bottom line is that we should direct our efforts to seek to understand and to benefit from the knowledge and experience of others to make the journey go just a bit better.   Seems like the logical thing to do  

Loving life when I seek to understand