Focus our energy


There is a lot to be said for check-in moments on our THPL journey. One of them is the start of a new year. And it is good for us to think about, the plan we have built for ourselves, our goals and objectives and the way that we are going to get there.  One of our key decisions is how we use our energy (our time) and how effective we are in doing so.  So, it is really good to be honest with ourselves about what we are doing with our time, our effort.  Are we using our time well, our we focused on what matters, are we throwing time away by doing things that are just unproductive.  Sure, there are times when we need to take it easy, take a break.  And then it is back to our goals, our objectives and focusing our energy on the things that matter the most to us.  When we do magic happens and that is always a good thing.

Loving life when I focus my energy