Start counting


By now we have all been spending time thinking about our goals for 2018. And for sure we have begun acting on many of them.  And in the context of some of the goals, for sure, we would be smart to make the goal be quantitative.  Create a goal that we can count our way to.  Ten pushups, three books, five miles, they all work and once quantified they seem to be easier to accomplish.  It is up to us then, if we want to take it to the next level.  We can give the goal a frequency as well, daily, weekly monthly, the key is to get ourselves to repeat the activity so that we get more and more accomplished.  Yes, it does take a bit more discipline, but in the end, it is certainly worth it as we get better at what we do with more frequency and the bigger the number the better the feel when we are done.  So, let’s start counting and see if we can get that number just big enough to be uncomfortable and yet achievable.  It is the THPL way…..

Loving life when I am counting more and more