Make one change


We are one month into 2018.  The excitement of the new year is behind us, we are starting to hit a rhythm with our big goals for the year and we are settling in for all that we have set out to do for 2018.  And with all of this goodness building around us, there is still time for us to think about what else it is that we want to do to make our THPL journey even better. What one change can we make in February to add to our change program?  Could we decide to eat “better” one day a week, maybe read one more chapter in a book, write in a journal, do one more pushup, we get to pick what change we have to make and add it to our journey plan.  Let’s think small enough to make it possible and big enough so that it would have an impact.  It is quite simple and up to us.  Just one change, one addition, one something more. We will feel better for doing it, indeed we will. 

Loving life when I make one change