Opening Ceremony


The winter Olympics start today in South Korea and what a great spectacle the opening ceremony is.  The choreography amazing, a feeling of the local culture coming through, and an endless parade of smiling face,s all contribute to a coming together of winter athletes from across the globe.  And at a moment such as this one, we are reminded that we can live together and co-exist and even engage with each other in something as simple as a sport.  Over this two-week period, we will witness a model for how we should live every day.  With purpose and potential, each of the athletes will give it their all to show to themselves, and the world, who is the best in their discipline.  No guns, no anger, nothing but positive feelings that represent what is possible when we get closer to each other and connect in many a human way.  Yes, hope springs eternal on such a night – the opening ceremony once again a metaphor for life, and in this case The High Performance Life.

Loving life when I watch the Olympics.