A taste of gold



The Olympics are such a great example of THPL at the highest level.  The commitment, sacrifice, determination, and execution required to compete and to win a gold medal is something that is at a different level than many of us can understand.  And then when you can do it not just once but at different games, the exhibit of excellence over time is something to be admired.  Today, after missing a medal four years ago, and now under the pressure of needing to turn in a spectacular run to win the gold Shaun White “put it down” on the halfpipe and came from behind to with the gold.  The focus and determination to get it done is nothing short of remarkable and a real testament to driving to win even when it is hard and does seem likely that it would work.  Hats off to Shawn for making it back to the top of the podium and showing the emotion for what it took to get there and get the result that he worked eight years to get.                                                      

Loving life when I see a great comeback