Four Years


We know that there are many who follow the principles and beliefs that are core to THPL who are on a similar journey that we are.  And with the winter Olympics in full go-mode right now it makes sense to think about Olympic athletes as living their version of THPL life.  And from them, we can learn a lot about what it means to dedicate ourselves to a mission.  It is amazing to think about the idea that we would practice and prepare for four years before competing for an elusive medal.  It is from this kind of example that we realize, it really is more about enjoying the journey and making the most of it.  It is great to have a big goal but it is equally important to make a commitment to the process and to excellence as it is what really matters. Here’s to having the discipline, the commitment and the love for the journey as it is truly what THPL is all about

Loving life when we just enjoy the journey