with great sadness


It is impossible to make sense of the shootings that are going on in America’s schools.  Schools are a place where children, teens and adults should be safe – safer than anywhere and they have now become havens for horrible tragedies.  It is no longer an isolated incident.  It is now an epidemic.  Many of us went to school in a different era and we never encountered anything like this.  We are just six weeks into 2018 and we have had 18 school shootings.  This is impossible to reconcile…..  Life taken away is not acceptable and while we all feel the sadness, and object to the tragedies, we are doing too little to address the issue. So today, in addition to passing on our deep condolences and prayers we have to put our energy into finding a way to stop this madness.  We cannot allow this to continue. 

Loving life when we start to fix the school shooting problem