Our expectations


When we set out on our THPL journey it really is up to us to set our goals, our plans, our expectations and the way that we are going to get there.  We often say it in this form – Dream it, Plan it, Practice it, Do it.  And with this approach, we get to consider what we think is possible, what our expectations are for our performance and our accomplishments.  It could mean one more, one faster, more frequency, better time, whatever the measure we should be explicit about it, then go after it and then reset it higher and then do it again and again as we exceed our expectations. There is nothing like the feeling of knowing we did better than the goals/expectations that we set for ourselves.  It takes a lot to get there and we know that…and that is why it is so fun to set new goals and go after them, indeed it is…

Loving life when we push the envelope on what we think is possible