A handwritten note


The journey is, by definition, something that moves us forward.  And with our forward momentum, there are times when we get so caught up / in the flow that we forget to take care and do the things that we know we should do.  Maybe we can get ourselves back on track doing the some of the right things with a few small steps in the right direction.  We can for instance, on the right occasion, take the time to write a handwritten note to someone.  It can be a postcard, a letter, a thank you, a simple scribble on a piece of paper.  The form is less relevant…the importance the time and care that is put into writing a note.  There is something about getting a handwritten note that just feels good, we can tell the effort that went into it, measure a bit of the personality, even emotions come through differently when a note is handwritten.  So, maybe it’s time to write a few “unexpected” handwritten notes to people who we care about and others who would just love to get one of these gems!

Loving life when I get a handwritten note