A note to self


We are 50 days into 2018, it has been quite the year already.  We are all working our annual objectives, there are crazy things happening in the world, the Olympics are going on and so much more.  Even with this kind of frenetic level of activity, we should take a moment for introspection.  It is important that we do this before too much time passes and we miss the opportunity for improvement or adjustment.  It might even be a good thing to write a note to ourselves. What are we pleased with – what can we be doing better – what can we change.  Let’s be honest with ourselves.  The note is just for us, to think about ourselves in a no-risk way, to allow for a moment of honesty.  It is from actions like this that we set our path towards self-improvement and since there is nothing in our way to get this done but ourselves it should bubble to the top very soon.  Time to get out that pencil and paper……Note to self……

Loving life when I write my letter