Never too late

It is possible, that whether we are on the THPL journey or not at all involved with THPL that someone can perceive that it is too late to try to give it “ a try”.  That THPL is not for me, I am not that strong, fast, smart or gifted.  And to this we say – no.  It is never too late, THPL is not about anyone being further along or more qualified.  What THPL is about is each of us, from the position that we are, with the capabilities that we have, starting and moving forward with purpose, care, and intent to get better in our lives. To become better versions of ourselves.  The improvement can be little or big, it can be slow or fast, all of it does not matter as long as we are working on ourselves, on our lives, so that we feel better about ourselves.   So, here’s to knowing that it is never too late to start investing in ourselves.  Let’s get going there is only better ahead.

Loving life whenever I get going