Brand Ambassador

We all need stuff to make it through the journey in a good way; it could be food, equipment, clothing, gear, and so much more. And along the way we find out that there are some things that we just love, we cannot do without, we buy them again and again and we find that our performance is better for being a loyal customer.  When we find ourselves in this great place of loving a product so much then we can become a brand ambassador – someone who is deeply passionate about the product that we want to tell people about it.  We can do this in person, on a platform like Instagram, or by showing off how we use the product so that others can see it and appreciate what it did for us.  The program can just be us acting like a raving fan or it can be, one day, more formal.  Regardless, we have the “right” to be a brand ambassador to show others how much we love the gear and the related community and see if we can make others feel the same way.

Loving life when I am a brand ambassador