Ground Hog Day


So as the story goes if the groundhog comes out today and sees his shadow then we have six more weeks of winter.  It seems like we are always rooting for the groundhog to not see his shadow, so we can shorten winter as a result.  And while we all know that this old-time tradition mostly is rooted in local culture and has no real impact on length of winter we do enjoy the ritual.  What we all need to take away from a day like today is that we all have power over our lives and how we live them.  We can be an observer on one level, but the real part of life is when we move out of being an observer and onto being a participant.  Active, involved, engaged and owning what it is we do and what comes of our journey.  So, next time you see the groundhog, give a nod, and move on to what is next in your life – it is what we are here to do after all….

Loving life when I wave to the groundhog.