Into the wind


Some days when on our THPL journey we make a turn and without warning, we turn right into a headwind.  The energy that we were using the moment before is not enough to keep us going, the wind slows us down and if we are to keep the same speed going forward we need to put in way more effort.  During this moment we feel frustrated, maybe even annoyed to have to work so hard to keep moving forward.  It feels sort of unfair.  And if we stay there mentally we are going to have a rough go of it with the physical part being harder and the mental part draining our heart and soul.  We have many instances like this in our life, the headwind a metaphor for when life is harder than expected.  It really matters little the reason, what matters most is how we go about dealing with the headwinds.  Instead of fighting we go with it, we accept it will be harder for a while, we stop losing energy worrying about when the wind will stop, and we settle down and put our maximum effort in moving us forward, in the most positive of ways.  Again, and again success and progress are really all about mindset.  Headwind?  No, that is just a bit air moving around us…

Loving life when I ignore the headwind