No payment required


There are so many different kinds of activities that we can do while on our THPL journey.  We get to choose what we want to do and when we want to do it.  It seems though, that much of what we want to do costs us in some form of payment.  And while there is usually value that comes from what we pay for, it can be fatiguing to have to pay for everything that we do.  We can work on this if we so choose.  We can find activities that do not cost anything, and we can do them as many times as we want.  We can go for a hike, take a book out from the library, listen to a podcast, play a board game, swim in a lake… the list is limitless for what we can do and not have to pay.  So, let’s give some real thought to building our own list of activities that we can do that require no payment and then schedule the time to make them happen.  For sure it just feels good when we can leave our wallet in our pocket and still have an amazing time!

Loving life when I don’t have to pay