Do your research


As we travel the journey that is THPL there are moments when it necessary to know more than we do about what we are experiencing along the way.  There is a sense of need that comes from these moments – a sense that we need to learn more and know more about what we are facing and what is going on around us.  So, to stay true to the THPL Learning mission we need to embrace tools like Google and Wikipedia, to name a few, that allow us, at a moment’s notice, to stop and research the topic we are in need of learning more about.  Digging-in to do the research and to learn more is both fun and necessary.  We can make it like a treasure hunt and look for more and more ideas, insights, facts and other artifacts that we need to be good and knowledgeable about the topic at hand.  It is indeed a marvelous way to spend time when we are not out doing other things.

Loving life when I am learning