Leave no trace


When we traverse our THPL journey we can, for sure, get caught up and just focused on making forward progress.  So, it is good to remind ourselves that there are foundational principles that we can lean on to help ensure that we stay focused and centered on our journey.  One set of these are the Leave No Trace principles.  For more than 50 years we have had them serve as the foundation for minimizing the impact we have on the earth, and more specifically on conservation in the outdoors. 

1.    plan ahead and prepare,

2.    travel and camp on durable surfaces,

3.    dispose of waste properly

4.    leave what you find,

5.    minimize campfire impacts,

6.    respect wildlife,

7.    be considerate of other visitors.

All we have to do is to follow ideas and principles like this while on our THPL journey and the world we live in and wow, will it be a better place, or what!                                                    

Loving life when I leave no trace