Book Launch


After thousands of blog posts and months upon months of effort it is exciting to announce the release of my book. “Living the High Performance Life: An Ordinary Joe’s Guide to the Extraordinary”. And while it took me decades to realize that one of the key ingredients of success was simply being willing to do more than the next person I am hoping that if you read the book you will be able to quickly leverage the insights I gained over the years and put them into practice in your life.  I really want you to know that this book was written for you to fuel your potential and help you live your personal version of the high performance life.  So, whether you are an athlete, a stay at home mom, CEO, retired, an entrepreneur, or college student, this book is for you.  So, check it out on March 1 (our launch day)

My dream for this book is that it will reach and inspire at least 1 million people. So, when a million people are living their version of The High Performance Life, even for just a day, I believe the world would be a different—better—more exciting (in a good way) place to live. And when other people around you are living their version of The High Performance Life, it makes it that much easier to reach higher, go further, and do more than you thought you could.

So, please join me and make this dream come true.  Go to for all the details!.

Loving life when people are reading my book