Did you ask…


Most of the time that we travel along on the THPL journey we have a good sense of what to do, or where to look for information.  We are, after all, quite good at most of this.  And then there are those moments when it would really be good to know other people’s thoughts or opinions.  What we would find, if we ask, are a range of insights, perspectives, facts, and so much more.  And so let’s see if we can crank up how often we ask, friends, co-workers, strangers, just about anyone a question when we feel the urge to know something.  There is only goodness that comes when we ask. The recipient feels good being asked and we feel good when we know something more.  So, let’s create a more vibrant culture who wants to know and has to ask – it is really the only way to find out….

Loving life when I ask and ask and ask