Gut Health


The cool thing about the THPL journey is the learning that we do along the way.  With time as our guide, we can see how topics and ideas grow and develop as we move along.  And lately, it seems that the topic of Gut Health has been increasing in frequency and that it requires, minimally, that we check out what we know about it and then decide what we want to do about it.  Our gastrointestinal tract is lined with microbes collectively called the microbiome, which includes bacteria, fungi, and even viruses. Gut bacteria perform many important functions in the body, including aiding the immune system, producing the feel-good brain chemical serotonin, making energy available to the body from the food we eat, and disposing of foreign substances and toxins.  And with what has happened with the food system and the way that we treat the land we can mess with our guts in ways that create unintended consequences.  So, let’s spend some time learning more about gut health, let’s change our behavior (where necessary) so we optimize what we put in our “guts”, and then let’s share what we find out and help others who have not spent enough time on this topic.

Loving life when I take care of my gut