Walk Today?


Many of us have been on the THPL journey and even the best of us, the most disciplined, can find days when it is just difficult to do all that we want to.  Yes, that age old problem and it seems that the first thing we decide not to do, when short on time, is to exercise.  And it seems, intellectually, that the tradeoff we are making is a good one.  Or is it?  Are we really that short on time that we cannot find 30 minutes to get out and do something?  Take a walk, do some other kind of exercise?  It is so good for us to be active that we really should think about how we prioritize something like a good walk.  We will be happier and better for it.  So, let’s commit to taking that walk, even when we are really busy, it will feel so good and we will be so happy when we got it done.

Loving life when I take a walk