Most of the time our THPL journey has us by ourselves doing all of the things that we have on our priority list.  And with the proper focus, we can get better and perform better when we are going solo.  Yet we know that there are ways for us to do more than just focus on ourselves.  There are many people in our community who can use help and support from people like us.  We can share what we know and have learned with others so as to give them an advantage that they might not otherwise earn.  Sharing is one of the great ways to do more than we think we can as it allows us to give to other’s things that would take a long time to learn on their own.  When we share resources, insights, or ideas we can sit back and watch them flourish.  Sharing really is great for both parties as it gives to both people resource and rewards – a great thing that it is. 

Loving life when I am sharing