Change of scenery

There are many elements to the THPL journey that keep us interested and compelled to stay on the journey.  One of them is the variety that comes with the travels and places that we go as we explore different places, some of which are close to where we live, and some that are quite a bit away from the norm.  It takes time and planning and a bit of curiosity but there really is nothing else in our way.  Not only do we not need permission to change the scenery we are sort of compelled to do so after we have done it a couple of times.  The feelings that we get when we see new things are just so stirring that they become addictive and then implore us to go out and discover what is in this beautiful world that we live in.  Changing the scenery is the real deal for so many reasons.  So, let’s get to it!  Where to next?

Loving life when I change the scenery