National Puppy Day


We often talk about how the community is an integral part of the THPL journey and experience.  We share our lives, our learnings and our passion with them as we move towards personal fulfillment.  And many of us know that there can be so much more to life when we share it with our favorite pet.  National puppy day is a good reminder that we can do more on our journey when we bring our pet (puppy) with us.  We can go for a walk, play games, teach them and learn from their never-ending love for us.  The companionship that a pet can bring is great for the heart and soul and there is nothing like caring for another being as we figure out how to care for ourselves.  So, on this fun day let’s think about how our THPL journey can be just that much better with a puppy, or pet in our life.  Here’s to man’s best friend, you are part of THPL in more ways than you realize.  

Loving life with all kinds of friends in my life