Nothing is tragic


Ahh the THPL journey, it gets better all the time, why should it not, especially when we not only do we do the things we love to do but also have much planned to do in the future. Setting that dream, even if it is modest, is what sets the foundation for the journey to come.  And then the planning, and practicing that makes it come to life.  And it is at each of these moments that we have to avoid the risk of not doing.  It is indeed the only risk that we face. For it is in the act of doing that we live, grow, feel and so much more.  It is when all of what we have worked for comes together and the experience is realized.  The outcome in essence then is the act of doing, and it is what we get good at when we live the THPL life.  Time to get to doing a few more things, indeed it is….

Loving life when we do it