Great ingredients

Go vibrantly on the THPL journey and it will become obvious how important food is to our experience.  It is for sure fuel, it is tradition, it is local, it is nutrition, it is ethereal and a truly natural experience.  Ah, but, to get this to happen, care has to be taken to what we eat and where it comes from and who prepares it.  And while it might be more challenging to get the “right” food made of great ingredients it is worth the effort and the time it takes to take care of ourselves with the right foods.  We need to stay away, to the best degree possible, from packaged, processed, nutritionally lacking foods.  So, as we chart out our plans, each day, week, month, let’s make sure that we build integrity into what we eat and how we treat ourselves with great ingredients and great food.  It is just that important.

Loving life when I have food with great ingredients