What to bring

Every time we set out for a big THPL style journey we stand before the question(s) of what to bring on the journey.  There are so many questions to consider, weather, food, terrain, season, local custom, situations, workouts, explorations and the list goes on.  And our head gets filled with so many thoughts and combinations of clothes, gear, and more.  We try to think about all of the unforeseen circumstances that we want to be prepared for.  What do others think?  Are there good resources to help us with planning?  With a seven volcano challenge, the decisions are important as there is a lot of unpredictable when we aim to summit seven volcanos.  Then after all of the thinking and considering and choices made, and the bags packed a sense of peace washes over us feeling better about the trip and ready to take on the challenge.  Yes, what to bring matters but more than that is getting in the right mindset for the trip so that we can do our best and enjoy and appreciate the journey regardless of the situation or circumstance.  Here’s to getting it mostly right and enjoying the journey, that is what we need to do!   

Loving life when I am finally packed