Ask someone


We love knowing and being confident – it is, sort of, required when we go on our THPL journey.  And as a result, we get used to relying on ourselves.  A good thing for sure.  But lest we get ourselves into a place that would not serve our interests we have to always be ready to ask for help.  What we find out is that there is a  lot of goodness that comes when we do reach out for help.  We learn, the person who we ask shares their knowledge (and feels good), and the problem that we were working on gets solved better and the people affected by it get a better outcome.  So, all in all, it is a great thing to do and maybe we have even taken it to the next level because when we show that it is ok to ask for help others will do the same and a virtuous cycle will have been created.

Loving life when I ask for help