To binge, "a short period devoted to indulging in an activity to excess".  A word that is usually used to describe things that we are not supposed to do in excess.  But what if we are to turn it into a good thing, what if we use part of our THPL journey to binge on something that is really good for others.  What if each month we binge for the benefit of others.  We could do charitable activities to excess, help people with something that we are really good at, or maybe even binge donating.  It would be fun just to come up with a list of monthly binges that we would challenge ourselves to do.  We would even start to look forward to them and then share the ideas with others. Imagine if all of our friends did “good” binges every month?  Wow, what a great world it would be.  So, let’s see what we can binge on soon for the benefit of others.  Not too many things we can do that would be better for the community we live in, binging indeed….

Loving life when I am binging for others