Google ourselves


We all set out on our THPL journey with the intent of being a better version of ourselves.  And while this might not happen overnight, we know that if we stick to our plan….if we follow the Dream it, Plan it, Practice it, Do it, model that is integral to THPL, then we will build up a portfolio of accomplishments, learnings, and experiences.  So, it seems logical, then, that we might want to find out how much of our accomplishments are in the “public” domain – we all know how easy this is - all we have to do is to go to Google and type in our name.  We might be surprised what we find.  It is minimally interesting to do.  More than that it could lead us to think about of the things we do, which are public and how much more of what we have done or will do might we want to be public as well.  Starting with a current day baseline is the right place to start and from there the world is our oyster.

Loving life when I Google myself