Day Seven Volcano Challenge Completed

At the end of a challenge, there are always so many mixed emotions.  There is the elation that comes from finishing what we set out to do, there is the relief that we feel knowing that the pressure of the daily mission is has come to a close and there is the feeling of “what challenge is next” that leaves us to contemplate the next journey.  But for this challenge, there is a bit more to process as it has an enduring component that will make summiting seven volcanos truly special.  First a thank you to everyone who made the seven volcano challenge possible for sure it was spectacular and inspiring, from Tocana, to Tujalmuco, to Santa Maria, to Chicoval, San Pedro, Fuego and Atacenango there was so much to enjoy and appreciate.  The natural beauty of Guatemala, the amazing people, the yummy food, and the energy of the volcanos were ever present. I will never forget my new hermanos and the fact that they did more than they thought they could as they accompanied me on all of the summits! And lastly, the kids for whom we are raising money for scholarships.  It is an honor and privilege to be able to help them and to use education as a gift for life.  We are not sure what the next challenge will be and so, for now, we glow knowing that our most recent challenge really did make a difference, on so many levels.

Loving life when I have completed the volcano challenge.