From where we came

t is not surprising that our journey produces many opportunities for learning, experiencing, participating and engaging in things that are important to us temporarily.  And for some of these opportunities, there really is no follow through required, the temporal nature makes it ok to move on.  Ah, but, there are times that we have to go back, to retrace, to learn again that which we so elegantly dispatched as we moved forward.  And it is at these moments when we want to find a way to shorten the cycle, to leverage what we did learn, to not start over but to pick up where we left off.  It seems that the more we can do this the better that the outcomes can be. So, let’s be prepared to re-do and revisit when appropriate and use it to our advantage so that we can get further and farther… faster.  Sounds like a good plan indeed.

Loving life when I do not start over.