What’s in the way….

We know intuitively and empirically that we have more potential than we use on a daily basis.  With a bit of reflection, it is obvious.  There are some days when we just perform at a higher level, there is a flow, the effort is easy, the feeling captivating and the outcomes just at another level.  And yet there are days when it seems all too difficult to get back to that flow – we know it is out there, but something just seems to be in the way.  And so, the challenge, a good one to take on, is to create “triggers” that allow us to get back to the flow.  They can include using some of our previously proven practices, connecting with others who can support us, doing some mindful exercises (visualization) to bring us to the right state or just push hard and harder and the flow can come.  They key is that it is up to us to work around or over what is in the way.  The effort is always worth it. 

Loving life when I go beyond what is in the way