Boston Marathon 2018

Life played out on the streets of Boston today in so many ways.  Mother Nature decided that training through the winter was not enough of a challenge for the 30,000 or so runners who assembled in Hopkinton to run the iconic Boston Marathon.  She decided to amp it up just a notch (or two).  Even before the start, she pelted the runners with a cold rain as they assembled to run 26.2 miles.  And then the driving rain came ~ two inches of it and the 25+mph winds and the cold temps (40 degrees) and the fun had just begun.  The Boston course is deceptively hard with the hills from miles 17-20 ready to crush any spirit one has left in them.    And yet, everyone pressed forward.  It was a day to take on the challenge headlong, to dig deep, to endure the inevitable suffering – these races are supposed to be hard – it is why we do them.  And step after step Boston drew closer, the running made tolerable by the hundreds of thousands of spectators (fans) who were as committed as the rain – they were there to support us, to show what community is all about, we can and do care for each other and it showed today.  To get a sense of the spirit on the course, every time the rain got harder the runners and spectators roared, as if to say, whatever you throw at me – it will not deter me from the finish line and a moment of triumph.  Congratulations to all who participated today, the volunteers, the spectators, the Boston police, the Boston Marathon staff and of course my fellow runners.  I respect each and every one of you even more after today.  You rock!   Yes, life played out on the streets of Boston today…..

Loving life when I am finished running the Boston Marathon