Just say yes

Seems that when we set out on the THPL journey that there is a lot of experience that we start with, maybe even some pre-conceived notions of how life and our journey is supposed to unfold.  While this is a good foundation and important to how our journey develops we have to remain open to new ideas and approaches and techniques.  And there is a very simple approach that we need to keep at the ready.  It is just saying yes. When someone asks you to go with them to do something new – say yes.  If there is a new place to go that you can go, just say yes.  If there is a new food not tried before, just say yes.  And therein lies the theme – just say yes, it matters not what it is – what matters is that we use yes to get us to make our journey just that much better.  It is within our grasp – let’s go get it – yes, here we come!

Loving life when I can just say yes