Planning and recon

Whenever we take on a big challenge on our THPL journey there are many considerations that need to be taken into account.  The Seven Volcano challenge is no different than any other big thing we do in our life.  In each and every circumstance there are a number of themes that are consistent with taking on each challenge and they bare repeating. 

Situational awareness – to create the best plan it really is beneficial, if not critical, to see the terrain, to check out the location, to put oneself in the center of where the action is going to be.  If nothing else it heightens our anticipation and awareness of what is to come, and at the top end, it changes how we are going to get done what the challenge requires.

Acclimatize – there are many levels of getting used to the environment that we will encounter, altitude for sure, food, water, weather, hazards that might crop up and so much more.  Being in the country for at least a few days before the trip is truly helpful to minimizing the impact that these elements can create

Mission finalized – there are always loose ends that need to be tied up before the adventure begins.  Everything from directions to shopping, to itinerary matter to the success of such a trip.  Getting on the same page and having the team informed of the risks and consequences is critical and affects what the journey will be like. 

There is more, for sure, to do – planning and recon are how we get to the end as defined by the outcomes we want to achieve.  For now, no need to waste energy – time to get moving – the journey is about to begin

Loving life when I am one day from starting Volcano number one