Weekend plans

The THPL journey knows little of the difference between a day of the week, the time of year, the weather or other exogenous events.  And it is with this mindset that we need to keep our focus and energy in a good place day to day.  It is good for us to use our tried and true techniques and practices, that can keep us on track, keep us energized and pressing forward on our journey.  And we can also amp it up and leverage our weekends as a way do more, to take on a bit more, to bring a variety to what we do every day.  With the weekend we can make bigger plans, even plan for the future, we can do more and even widen the aperture of what we might consider doing at any other time.  Two days in a row that we can use to do more of what we want, wow, what a great resource for us to use and leverage.  No rest for the weary… the weekend is here – let’s go big and take THPL to the next level!

Loving life when I am leveraging my weekends