It’s Everest Season

There is no more iconic high performance journey than that up the slopes of Mt. Everest.  At 29,034 feet above sea level, the peak is at the same altitude that most commercial jets fly at.  It is an iconic mountain, significant to locals and foreigners alike. It is a climb that only the “crazies” try to climb.  The risk is high that a person might not make it back alive. And yet the allure to climb Everest is always high.  There is nothing that can compare to the challenge, the intimidation factor, the difficulty, they all are “10’s” and it will always be this way.  The adventure takes between 60-90 days, all in, it is a huge coordination event and an effort of grand proportion, led by local Sherpas and international guides.  For the guests, it is an honor and privilege to be sharing the mountains with the locals, the gods, and fellow mountaineers.  So, for now, the teams acclimatize and get used to the surroundings and the thought that in about a months’ time they will be summiting the highest peak in the world!  A bucket list item for sure.  Stay tuned for an update when the summiting begins

Loving life when I am getting ready for Everest