Just one thing

Earth day, yes, we do have such a thing, seems that if we live a good and thoughtful THPL journey then every day is earth day.  But alas, it was not so, and we came to this realization some 50 years ago that we were not actually taking care of Mother Earth as we should, that we needed something to bring focus to some of the indiscretions that we had taken with the planet and thus we call April 22nd - Earth Day.  Lucky for us that our social conscience came to life and while there is still a ton of work to do we have started down the road with taking care and fixing that which we had broken.  So, today, and then tomorrow, and even the next day we can seize the moment and we can nudge Earth Day forward by doing just one more thing that is good for the planet.  Recycle one more item, use a bit less water, walk instead of drive, turn off a light, they all count, they all matter.  And then the magic starts to happen, the earth feels better and we feel better for having helped her and our THPL journey is certainly on the right track!

Loving life when I am taking care of Mother Earth