Do it better

We all know that a key theme of the THPL journey is to do more, just one more, more frequently, more often etc etc..  And yet we know that it is not just about doing more it is also about doing better, doing the right thing, raising the standard.  We all innately know that doing the right thing is the goal and that we need to set this goal for ourselves. And so it really is us up to us to stay away from being sloppy, that we need to hold ourselves accountable to standards and to uphold them – to be a role model of sorts.  When we challenge ourselves to ask the question – is this the right thing to do?  How do we feel about it- can we do one iteration better?  we start to act better and this is the best thing for all when we keep it at that level – the level that we know is very good.  When we do this lots change inside us and all around.  So, let’s raise the bar and just do it better.

Loving life when I am doing it better