Be Coachable

Many of us are very good at what we do, we have a sense of what needs to be done and what it is going to take to perform well on our THPL journey.  And yet, there are sometimes when it would be good to have someone (a coach) who can provide us input, guidance, support, and ideas.  And it is important that if we are to take on a coach that we make sure we are coachable.  To make the relationship work we have to be able to do a few things, we need to:

1.     Be clear with our needs – what is it that we are trying to accomplish and how do we think the coach will help

2.     Provide real feedback – coaching is not just one way, it needs input and thoughtful conversation as well as solid detail for how the training is going

3.     Bring questions – a good coach wants to be asked questions, wants a dialogue, they are ready – take advantage of it.

4.     Stand on our own two feet – there is a lot of personal accountability that is required if we are to take on a coach and part of it is working to a point where we are self-sufficient (if we want to check on that after)

The real key is to maximize the relationship and any performance gains that we can get by having a coach and we can make this happen when we make it two way and invest as much as we are getting from the relationship

Loving life when I am coachable