Try something new

We all know that it takes a big effort to get very good at something, to be truly accomplished at a craft, a sport, a subject….and it is quite satisfying when we get there, the effort equaling in some ways the reward.  And it is likely that we will continue to stay the course and get better and better as the journey moves on.  Yet, there can be something more, a path to feeling different, to getting back to that uncomfortable feeling of not being all that good at something.  And therein lies the opportunity  - the opportunity to try something new, to explore that which we have not done before.  It could be a bit frustrating to start over but the brain, the muscles, the heart and the soul will be better for it.  They will have to summon their best to get us back to being really good again.  The process, the journey, once again the reward.  So, yes, it is wonderful to be great at the things we do and it is also helpful when we dig deep and go into something new – the combination might just make for the best journey of all.

Loving life when I try something new