A long drive…

The journey of a big adventure takes a lot of effort….dreaming, planning, practicing, all leading to the doing. One of the last steps is getting to the starting point and today we took a bit more than 11 hours to make the drive north from Guatemala City to the little town of Sinibal, nestled in the mountains at about 10,500 feet of elevation.  A lot of effort to make the trip, winding and challenging roads made the drive into an adventure and it was good to get settled for night one before the first of the seven volcanos.

A moment to reflect on the significance of the next seven days.  Humbled by the opportunity to attempt to summit seven volcanos in seven days. More affected by the support of the amazing Guatemalan hosts and support team that got us prepared for this event.  Thrilled knowing that the purpose is way bigger than the volcanos.  Education, a gift for life – directed in this instance to the kids of the Remar school to be the beneficiaries of the generosity of donors who are giving to fund scholarships to provide an educational opportunity for those who live in poverty. 

Tomorrow we take on the Tacaná Volcano, the second highest peak in Central America at 4,060 meters, located in the Sierra Madre de Chiapas of northern Guatemala and southern Mexico.  It will make for a great challenge.  I will, for sure, be powered to the summit by the spirit of the mission.  An honor and a privilege…..

Loving life when I am ready to go.