Day one Volcano Challenge Completed


The view from above the clouds is just something that takes your breath away.  There is a feeling of power, freedom, and spirit that is hard to explain – it has to be felt.  And it is for this reason that we will endure the steep trail, the significant altitude and the scree fields that we have to conquer on the Tacaná Volcano to get to the top.  And today that is what our group did exactly.  It was an amazing experience to summit the second highest peak in Central America at 4,060 meters.  A five-hour round trip with every step thinking about the bigger mission, the kids, the potential that they embody, the possibilities that will come from the scholarships that are granted at the end of the seven-volcano summit challenge.   And now it is time to get ready for Volcano number two, Tajumulco, the highest mountain in Central America.  Talk to you after we have completed number two

Loving life when I have completed one volcano.