Day two Volcano Challenge Completed

The trip to climb the second of the volcanos on the challenge was as interesting and beautiful as one would expect while traversing a country with such stunning vistas and scenery as are around every corner in Guatemala.  As we approached through San Marcos we started to see the majestic volcano, dominating the skyline holding the clouds around her as is if to say, “I am in charge”.  It made the summit prospects feel even more real and got us excited as we approached.  And while Tajumulco, has not erupted in at least 200 years, we felt the power of the volcano when started our summit push to nearly 14,000 feet through the morning hours.  The weather was perfect, and the sun washed along the slopes of the highest mountain in Central America making the views incredible.   The mountain gods were on our side today and all went perfectly, day two, summit number two, mission accomplished.  Now to get ready for day three and an ascent of Santa Maria.  Feeling great and ready for more…..

Loving life when I have completed volcano number two.