Day Three Volcano Challenge completed

The more time you spend in a country the more you come to love it.  And most of it is relates to the people you get to meet and spend time with and today proved that again.  The climb to the top of Santa Maria was tough, for sure, and yet, it sort of did not matter that when we summited we didn’t get to see the surrounding volcanos due to the cloud cover.  And it really was all because of the beautiful people….the guides who escorted us on the climb, witnessing locals hiking to the top to perform a Mayan memorial service, and the smiles and giggles that came from the little children we met at the end of our hike. It just plain warms your heart.  Day three completed and a feeling that before long we will be honorary members of this wonderful community.  Tomorrow, we go to Chicabal to summit number four.  Not exactly sure what we will find but it will be magical, that is for sure.…..

Loving life when I have completed volcano number three.